Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Rule 34 App.


Questions about the App and its content.

What is the Rule 34 App?
A web app to browse the most popular Boorus.
But it is a website, not an App!
It is a Progressive Web App (PWA), essentially a web page that can be installed on your device.
How can I install the App?
Check the Installation page.
How do I download an Image?
Long-tap or right-click on the image and select the download option.
Can you remove an Image or video?
No. All content is directly served from the selected Booru. You should contact that site for the removal of content, once it's done it won't appear on the App.
What does “X” setting do?
Settings have a hover description, if your device doesn't support hovering, please refer to the "Usage" page.


Questions about the technical background.

Is the App down?
Check the status page.
Is there a recommended Internet Browser?
Yes, Google Chrome seems to be the best browser for the Rule 34 App, specially on mobile devices.
Is there any new feature planned?
The development is going quite steady, to check the roadmap and what I am currently working on, you have to be a supporter.
Can I help in any way?
Of course, we're always in need of support, specially artists or designers, contact me on our Discord if you want to help.


Questions and solutions to the most problems.

I have found a bug/error!
You can report it on the GitHub repository, or directly to me on our Discord.
The app or X feature is not working!
Try the following steps:
  1. Exit and close the app
  1. (Optional) Create a backup
  1. Delete all cookies and data from the app
  1. Open the app and try again
  1. (Optional) Try another web browser
If the issue persists, post it on our Discord in the bugs channel using the pinned template.
I cannot download an Image!
iOS does not allow image selection on PWAs.
You can work around this limitation by opening the Rule 34 App on a browser and downloading it there.
Images/Media are not loading!
Please check that the original Booru (website) does not have its access banned in your country.
If you can’t access the original website, then I suggest you use a VPN or subscribe to the Premium subscription, as we automatically proxy all media for you.
Videos are not loading on iOS!
iOS does NOT have native support for WebM videos, and most Boorus serve videos in that format. Some others serve them as mp4, for example Gelbooru, Danbooru and Paheal, so switch to those Boorus to be able to enjoy videos.


Information about the Premium subscription.

What is the Premium subscription?
A way to access some extra features and support the project.
Read through the Premium page to understand the extra features.
What Boorus can I add to the Rule 34 App?
You can find an updated list of tested and working Boorus here.
Can I log in to a Booru account?
No, we do not offer login functionality as we do not want to replace the original Boorus/sites.
Can I download media without paying for Premium?
Of course, the Rule 34 App does not restrict any basic functionality.
The Premium download button is just an automatic way to download media.
Otherwise you have to long tap/right click, select where to store the media, and then save. Just like usual.


Extra information that you should read.

Can I donate for your efforts?
Of course. I've been working really hard on this project. Check how to donate.
What do I get for supporting the Rule 34 App?
If you have ever donated or subscribed, you gain access to the @Supporter or @Premium role on our Discord. This role allows you to access the #☁_links channel, where you'll find the Roadmap and more.
Can I advertise in the Rule 34 App or it's social media bots?
Sure, just contact me on Discord and we can agree on something.