The Premium subscription is a way to access some extra features and support the project.


Custom Boorus

Custom Boorus is a way to use additional Boorus directly in the Rule 34 App.
For example, xbooru.net is one of many Boorus included by default once you subscribe.
This means that you can access all of xbooru’s content using the Rule 34 App’s sleek interface.
Here is a list of compatible Boorus and Booru Types. Feel free to see which ones work.
notion imagenotion image
notion imagenotion image
notion imagenotion image

Tag Collections

Tag Collections allows you to create lists of tags for easier access.
These lists of tags can be filters of content that you don’t want to see.
Or simply bookmarks of content that you would like to save for later.
You can apply Tag Collections directly in the search menu. Where you expected them to be. There are many collections by default.
For example, there's one that includes most furry terms to act as a tag blocklist:
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notion imagenotion image

Save Posts

Save your favorite posts locally, so you can see them later. Saved posts can be sorted by Booru, and searched through their tags.
Unlike a real Booru you can’t negatively filter by tags right now. It's a planned feature.
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Download Posts

Download posts easily with a single click. No need to right-click the post, select a download location, and then repeat for every post. It's even better on iOS, as it doesn't allow you to select images to download them when using the installed version of a website (PWA).
Besides, downloaded posts are named following this pattern: “[Booru domain]-[Post ID]”.
E.g. “rule34.xxx-69420”
Now, just by looking at the file, you know where the media comes from, and which post it is. 😉

SauceNAO source search

Use SauceNAO, an image source locator, to find the original artist/creator of a post.

Bypass website block

When a post’s media fails to load, it will be automatically retried with our Proxy in the middle.
This allows you to see content from the original Booru even if it is banned in your country.


Back up all of your local data into a single file.
Includes Saved Posts, Tag Collections and Settings.
I am currently working on implementing a cloud backup in your Google Drive.
Basically a way to synchronize your data cross devices.